Our Work


Blue Heron Construction builds new dream homes, remodels existing homes, and completes creative construction projects.

Our Story

Blue Heron Construction has been operating as a builder's cooperative since 1985. While technically made up of individual contractors, a coop business model enables us to share the costs of licensing and bonding, large investments in tools and equipment, daily overhead, construction employees, networks, and relationships. We have deep collaboration between owners; when needed owners work together to keep jobs flowing smoothly, occasionally cover for one another, and tap into the wisdom, experience, and skills of our fellow colleagues. 

Our Values

For over 30 years Blue Heron Construction has worked in Jefferson County, Washington and the City of Port Townsend. We have a long-standing commitment to holistic, eco-mindful, or "deep green" building practices. This means we look at the big picture impact of a building, taking into consideration low-impact site management, waste, recycling, heavy equipment impact on soil compression, use of rain gardens to control run-off. 

We work hard to use low-VOC and formaldehyde-free building materials that will make a healthy home. We build super-insulated, energy-efficient homes that will bring years of cost-effective heating and cooling, as well as a smaller environmental footprint.

We make every effort to support our community and local economy by honoring long-standing relationships, sourcing materials locally, and working with top-notch sub-contractors. When able, we support our local non-profit organizations by volunteering consulting, labor, and materials. We value community. 

Our Commitment to You

We bring that same commitment to collaboration and strong relationships to our work with clients, many of whom have become long-standing friends over the years. We strive to understand your lifestyle, your aesthetic, and your vision, so that we can act as a resource and guide during planning and construction; we can help ask the clarifying questions that get to the heart of achieving your dream home. Contact Us today to see if we are a good fit for your project. 



Peet Duffy, owner

Peet Duffy started working professionally in the building trades in 1986, and continues to this day. Peet studied at Southern Illinois University, graduating in 1988 with an Associates degree in Construction Technologies and in 1990 with a Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technical Studies (with an emphasis on Management).

Peet moved to Port Townsend in 1993 because of his love for the outdoors. Peet spends his free time surfing, mountain biking, hiking and dancing.

As a dad, Peet practices compassion, patience, boundaries, and clear communication. These same principles he uses in his dealings with clients, employees, and sub-contractors. With each job Peet steers toward the outcome by using clear communication with everyone involved, and by balancing the needs, safety and circumstances at hand.


randy Welle, owner

Randy started building in the early 1970s as a student at an alternative high school, where he helped build geodesic domes and even constructed his own house out of salvaged materials. After high school Randy worked at an outdoor Historical Museum, the 'Living History Farms' in Des Moines Iowa where he was the demonstrating blacksmith for eight years. While there he also completed an apprenticeship in 18th century cabinetry and furniture making. During the museum's offseason he worked in the construction trade.

In 1988 Randy relocated to Port Townsend Washington, where he became a member of Blue Heron Construction. At the time Randy joined Blue Heron there were 13 owner-members; he acquired much knowledge of the building trade while working side-by-side with these talented and seasoned builders and artisans.

Over the years Randy and his crew have built a number of homes with alternative building materials such as straw, rastra block and other eco-friendly building materials, SIP panels, and super-insulated, passive construction homes. In 1999 Randy built a beautiful family home in Port Townsend where he and his partner raised their two beautiful daughters.

THe Blue Heron Team

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