Blue Heron Construction manifests dream homes in the world's most beautiful place.


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New home Construction

Blue Heron Construction will help you build your dream home in Port Townsend or nearby surrounding Jefferson County. We work with "Owner-Builders" and traditional clients alike to ensure the home we create together fits your lifestyle, your "ecomindful" values, and your vision.


Sometimes a kitchen or bath remodel is all that is needed to breathe new life and function into an existing home. Blue Heron Construction has extensive experience helping home owners visualize possibilities for significant remodels, then complete them in a way that integrates well with the overall home.


Creative projects

Porches, decks, bath houses, creative solutions for challenging spaces, and even occasional custom furniture; Blue Heron Construction has helped many home owners find the perfect fix to a puzzling design or construction problem. Our focus on aesthetics, details, and craftsmanship sets our work apart. 

We work with "owner-builders" to create the home of their dreams


Relationships are at the core of our work. Many of our clients have been dreaming of and planning for their new home for years. Blue Heron Construction specializes in building strong, collaborative working relationships with clients that allow us to bring those dreams to fruition. We are always working to understand what the home owner truly wants; we have extensive experience with home design and construction, and can help facilitate design that fits the owner's needs and vision. Combined with our high quality craftsmanship, eco-mindful or "deep green" approach to site preparation and construction, and our years of strong relationships with skilled sub-contractors, we can help you achieve your dream home in a way that honors your investment and aligns with your values. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to build your dream home.  



Creating elegant updates to kitchens & baths


Blue Heron Construction can help you bring fresh function and energy to your existing home through a significant remodel; we specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, and additions. Bring light, improved layout, usable space, and an updated look to places in your home that need modernization or an infusion of vitality. We work with high quality materials, that are environmentally sensitive, locally sourced, and energy efficient. Contact us today to discuss your remodel project.



Blue Heron Construction generates creative solutions for challenging spaces 


We specialize in working with home-owners to create great solutions for outdoor entertaining spaces, porches, decks, & sunrooms, bath houses, even the occasional piece of custom furniture. Contact us if you have an unusual project that requires a creative solution.